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Meer weten over het fenomeen FabLab en makerspace en/of over de relatie met bibliotheken? Op deze pagina vindt u een overzicht van relevante boeken, artikelen en online bronnen.


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Makerspaces Veroveren Hun Plaats in Bibliotheken by Jeroen de Boer

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Concept FabLab verdient het verkend te worden (artikel Bibliotheekblad 5-2014) by Jeroen de Boer

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The Public Library as a Community Hub for Connected Learning by Jeroen de Boer

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De maker movement verovert ons land by Jeroen de Boer

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Online bronnen

Business Models for Fab Labs: http://p2pfoundation.net/Business_Models_of_Fab_Labs

The Maker’s Manual:

Makers Manual by Jeroen de Boer

Common Libraries: http://commonlibraries.cc/resources/

Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship: http://craftentrepreneurship.com/

Fab Foundation: http://www.fabfoundation.org/fab-labs/what-is-a-fab-lab/

FabLabs: http://www.fablabs.io

FabAcademy: http://www.fabacademy.org/

Google for Entrepreneurs : https://www.googleforentrepreneurs.com/

How to Make a Makerspace: http://artisansasylum.com/site/archiveclasses/make-a-makerspace/

Libraries and Maker Culture: A Resource Guide: http://library-maker-culture.weebly.com/makerspaces-in-libraries.html

Thinking outside the Brick: Lifelong Learning through Digital Play: http://dwig.lmc.gatech.edu/projects/farina/

Marketing for Libraries: http://eduscapes.com/marketing/5.htm

Mt. Elliot Budget Worksheet and other Financial Planning Resources: http://www.mtelliottmakerspace.com/finances

Tech Soup for Libraries http://www.techsoupforlibraries.org/

Venture Lab Youth Entrepreneurship Program: http://venturelab.org/about/who-we-are/



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