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About (for international visitors)

About (for international visitors)

FryskLab is a mobile FabLab, developed by Bibliotheekservice Fryslân. It is the first officially library-powered FabLab in Europe. FryskLab creates an healthy interest in technology and maker skills, hereby stimulating digital literacy. Users of the lab will be able to use tools and skills to design and remix their personal environment and share these with others.

With FryskLab being mobile it brings resources, possibilities and new ways to work to locations which need it the most (schools, small villages, companies etc.) With FryskLab we especially focus on a strong collaboration with education. We intend to (re)vitalize children’s enthousiasm for technology, but more importantly the 21st century skills that are mandatory for being empowered in the (near) future: entrepeneurship, information sharing, collaboration, problem solving and creativity.

Since the rural province of Fryslân has a strong history in cultural craftmanship, the manufacturing industry and being self-supportive, we believe a mobile FabLab can be a succesful solution for some of Fryslân’s main problems: a relatively high children’s poverty (17% whits an average poverty rate of 8% in The Netherlands), a large number of students leaving school without a certificate or diploma (also 17%) eventually resulting in shortage of qualified workers.

With FryskLab we believe we can breach this vicious circle and put the renewed public library in the center of society.

For a presentation with notes in English, please take a look HERE.

Please contact us for more information.



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