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Working on our route for #MakerTour2015

Posted by on jan 6, 2015

Last week we decided what our route to and from Florence should look like. We decided upon an combination of not too long daily distances and stops at interesting labs and libraries. Since our appearance at the OCLC Congres Art of Invention in Florence was the only given element of the tour we had to see how to make the trip as interesting as possible.

As for now it looks like we’ll be visiting the cities of Cologne, Nuremberg, Innsbruck, Verona, Pistoia, Florence, Milan, Zurich, Nancy, Luxembourg, Genk and The Hague/Leiden. Within a couple of days we received enthusiastic response from Swiss, Austrian and Italian labs, as well as the FabLabs in Luxembourg and Nancy. Great!

If you are in the vicinity of our route or if you feel you can contribute or want to participate during our stops, please let us know!

The (preliminary) schedule looks like this:
Monday February 2 Leeuwarden – Cologne
Tuesday February 3 Cologne – Nuremberg
Wednesday February 4 Nuremburg – Innsbruck
Thursday February 5 Innsbruck – Verona
Friday February 6 Verona – Pistoia
Saturday 7 Cascina
Sunday February 8 Pisa/Cascina
Monday February 9 Pisa – Florence
Tuesday February 10 Florence (OCLC EMEA Conference)
Wednesday February 11 Florence (OCLC EMEA Conference)
Thursday February 12 Florence – Milan
Friday February 13 Milan – Zurich
Saturday February 14 Zurich – Nancy
Sunday February 15 Nancy
Monday February 16 Nancy – Luxembourg
Tuesday February 17 Luxembourg – Genk
Wednesday February 18 Genk – Den Haag/Leiden/Leeuwarden

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