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Social Challenges

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FryskLab and the Frisian libraries are helping to visualize hidden entrepeneurship, using our Agency working method. The system of Open Badges is used to issue credentials to participating entrepreneurs. Using new technology and new ways of networking we hope to inspire and motivate the participants to make their next move.

We are addressing the challenge proposed by SpareSpace. The targeted community are hidden entrepreneurs who live in the Province of Friesland and Groningen. The target group consists of people who aim to start their own company based on their own hobby or idea.

The implications of implementing our solution means we have people ‘on the ground’ who can be of assistance to a local entrepreneur. It also means we can make use of maker technology, for instance by using our truck, which gives opportunities for entrepreneurs to fabricate themselves, or to give them insight into the possibilities.
At the moment we are working in this way in the village of Ureterp, Friesland. A local start-up entrepreneur, Be-Wonder, is making use of FryskLab to help kickstarting her business. Be-Wonder, a fourniture shop, is discovering the possibilities of our digital embroidery machine and our laser cutter. We facilitate in learning how to use the machines and provide them with suggestions on how to make it valuable for their business.

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Photoshoot of the designed slow fashion line

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