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Preview documentaire FryskLab MakerTour2015

Posted by on feb 18, 2015

Preview documentaire FryskLab MakerTour2015

Van 2 t/m 18 februari reisden we met FryskLab door Europa. Onder het motto “De bibliotheek MAAKT het onzichtbare tastbaar” is gezocht naar de verbinding tussen bibliotheken en de makersbeweging aan de hand van een bijzondere opdracht: zoek oplossingen voor mensen met een leesbeperking.

De road trip hebben we uitvoerig gedocumenteerd. Hieronder een preview van wat uiteindelijk een documentaire gaat worden.

Zowel de preview als de uiteindelijke documentaire zijn/worden gerealiseerd door Jurgen Bakker/Blikopener Media.

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Our final route! #MakerTour2015

Posted by on jan 28, 2015

Our final route! #MakerTour2015

The last couple of weeks we worked hard to finalize our itinerary (thank you Barbara van Rijn for taking care of all the important details!). We’re still looking into the possibilities for organizing the final presentation in The Hague, but are confident this will take place. After all we have three more weeks to get that sorted.

We are also very pleased to bring Jurgen Bakker who is a professional film maker. This should result in plenty of valuable documentation. In total our team consists of seven members: Jurgen Bakker, Marleen Andela, Aan Kootstra, Bertus Douwes, Jappie Wiersma, Jan Bosma and Jeroen de Boer.

Colleagues from our valued sponsors Stichting Aangepast Lezen, Dedicon, CBB and SIOB will try to meet us in Florence and/or during the trip.

Below you can have a look at the final route and the labs and libraries we visit. We can’t wait to meet all these fellow makers and librarians!

Monday February 2 Leeuwarden –> Cologne Makerspace Stadtbibliothek Köln
Tuesday February 3 Cologne –> Nuremberg FabLab Nürnberg
Wednesday February 4 Nuremburg –> Verona Verona FabLab & Progetto Yeah
Thursday February 5 Verona Verona FabLab & Progetto Yeah
Friday February 6 Verona –> Pistoia You Lab Biblioteca San Giorgio
Saturday 7 Cascina FabLab Cascina
Sunday February 8 Cascina FabLab Cascina
Monday February 9 Pisa FabLab Pisa –> Florence OCLC EMEA Conference
Tuesday February 10 Florence OCLC EMEA Conference + FabLab Firenze
Wednesday February 11 Florence OCLC EMEA Conference
Thursday February 12 Florence –> Milan OpenDot Lab & FabLab Milano + others
Friday February 13 Milan –> Zurich FabLab Zurich
Saturday February 14 Zurich –>Nancy NancY BIdouille Création Construction Makerspace + others
Sunday February 15 Nancy NancY BIdouille Création Construction Makerspace +others
Monday February 16 Nancy –> Luxembourg Technoport FabLab
Tuesday February 17 Luxembourg –> Genk FabLab Genk
Wednesday February 18 Genk –> Den Haag FINAL PRESENTATION –> Leeuwarden

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#MakerTour2015: FryskLab, Europe’s first Mobile Library-powered FabLab, visits 8 countries in 16 days

Posted by on jan 23, 2015

#MakerTour2015: FryskLab, Europe’s first Mobile Library-powered FabLab, visits 8 countries in 16 days

FryskLab, Europe’s first mobile library FabLab (fabrication laboratory) from the Netherlands, is going on an European road trip February 2-18. During the trip there will be a dedicated focus on developing tools and services for people with visual/reading disabilities. The destination is Florence (Italy), where FryskLab will participate in the conference The Art of Invention, organized by OCLC. FryskLab, a former book mobile turned mobile library lab, is a project of Bibliotheekservice Fryslân (BSF).

FryskLab will embark on a two-week tour of Europe which will include visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as Italy, France and The Netherlands. In every country the FabLab team plans to hold workshops with a focus on making. During the trip there will be a dedicated focus on developing tools and services for people with visual/reading disabilities. For this BSF collaborates with several professional partners: Stichting Aangepast Lezen, Sectorinstituut Openbare Bibliotheken (SIOB), Dedicon, Christelijke Bibliotheek voor Blinden en Slechtzienden (CBB) and OCLC.

In Florence Frysklab will take pride of place outside the beautiful Villa Vittoria where the meeting is being held to enable everyone attending to explore the facility and ask its dedicated staff questions or have a go with the equipment in the bus, consisting of 3D printers, vinyl- and lasercutter and electronic and programming tools such as Makey Makey, Little Bits and Scratch. Jeroen de Boer, New Media Specialist at BSF who manages Frysklab, will also be giving a talk at the meeting in one of the breakout sessions about makerspaces and libraries.

In the province of Fryslân (the Netherlands) FryskLab is used to bring making, digital fabrication and 21st century skills to primary and secondary schools, as it addresses the socio-economic challenges of the region. The lab is also used for several other library programs, for instance Fab the Library!, a series of modules to help other libraries set up makerspaces or FabLabs.

“As a library we notice the need for dedicated knowledge and we want to stimulate innovation,”

says project manager Jeroen de Boer.

“The library is a natural knowledge habitat. In Europe, we are the first library with it’s own FabLab. And we move on. Together with schools and local businesses we are seriously looking into the possibility to set up a long-term educational program to include digital fabrication in the curriculum.”

To find out more about Frysklab: https://www.fablabs.io/frysklab.

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/frysklab.

On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/frysklab hashtag #makertour2015

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