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Linked open data kennisbank in nieuwsbrief Fab Foundation

Posted by on sep 10, 2014

De internationale Fab Foundation besteedt in haar meest recente nieuwsbrief aandacht aan ons kennisbankproject:

The community is pulling together a Webspace to share projects, provide an archive for the network and collaborate. This is connected to a new grant award in The Netherlands to develop a system to interconnect the various catalogues of Fab Lab projects. This system allows the catalogues of Fab Lab projects to speak to each other via meta-data — a similar approach to how library catalogues are linked up. Project parters are Bibliotheekservice Fryslân/FryskLab, Metamatter and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

For listing on Fab Share please contact: Hiro Tanaka, htanaka [at] imrf [dot] or [dot] jp

For becoming part of the “machines talking to machines” concept that interlinks repositories please contact: Peter Troxler, Jeroen de Boer, Roland Cornelissen at fabshare [at] fabfolk [dot] com.

Also check out the project page here: http://fablab.metamatter.nl/

Lees de volledige nieuwsbrief HIER.

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